Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alien Pod Person

I had to share with you what FedEx brought me today........Yes, a giant ball of plastic. At first I was unsure of what to make of this unusual delivery! Was this an Alien Pod Person come to take over the world one Scrapper at a time? Maybe it was a "nice" Alien Pod Person come to assume my identity and go to work in place of me every day so I may stay at home and scrap the day away (very pleasant thought). Or maybe it was FedEx's version of a chain letter, you know where I need to add all the plastic wrap I have to it then send it off to some other unsuspecting scrapper within 48 hrs or some horrible fate may befall me. Well, after getting my over active imagination to go sit in the corner for a ten minute time out I decided to carefully unwrap my Alien Pod Per.......I mean my package ...................................drum roll please...................................

Yes!!!!!! My new ATG!!!!!  And 12 rolls of tape!!!!  Are those harps and angels singing I hear in the background? No its just my imagination back from it's time out. Thanks for listening to my silly rant :-)



  1. Hi Hope, enjoy your ATG!!! Wow 12 rolls of tapes.... Have a great 4th July. :)

  2. Hooray for you! Let us know how you like it Okay? Some like the 1/4 inch and others the 1/2 inch... so I am curious as to how this works for you. - Joyce

  3. Thanks Connie, I'm looking forward to a scrappy 4th....I never get 3 day weekends but I happen to get one this weekend. I have planned a lot of scrapping!!! :-)

    Joyce, I'm already enjoying my ATG. I got the 1/4 in. on recommendation by another GGS Lady (Can't remember who...Sorry) In her words, "If you need it wider add another strip". How right she was :-)