Monday, July 13, 2009

Mini album {America}


  1. HOPE: That sure did give me some inspiration, You done a real excellent job, SCOTLAND will be proud. Your video was excellent, loved it girl, so so so cool seeing the album as you would like us to see it, such a wonderful job. I will have to say My Favorite, Hope, because you are only new to this craft, and that's what gives me inspiration to try new things.
    Love Yah X0X0X :-]

  2. Hope, AWESOME!!!! The album came out great!!! What did you use as the base of your album (the ones with folded corners and the tag coming out), were they envelopes??
    Great job!! Brenda

  3. I am in total awe at the beauty of this album. I love all the tags and dimension! What a treasure! I have the same question as Brenda. I will e-mail you. Thanks for sharing your talent!
    Hugs- Joyce

  4. HOPE!! I LOVED IT!! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I inspired?? 100% :)
    there are so many things i loved about your mini that can't name them all but heres a few:
    -all the pockets, how you used the copper embossing powder, the colors of the mini, the interactiveness of it, all the places to journal...
    with a 100% inspirational grin,

  5. You girls are so sweet!!!

    Jude, thanks for the great support :-)

    Brenda and Joyce, My pages are just chipboard covered with patterned paper or cardstock. To make the pockets I took another piece of paper or cardstock the same size or slightly smaller than the page and made a slit down the center about three inches and folded those new corners away from each other. Then adhered the edges to the chipboard page. I'm so glad to be able to share an technique with you.

    Stephanie, I swear you where a Cheerleader in High School :-) I love using the copper embossing's my favorite I've used it on so many things lately. I'm so glad you enjoyed it


  6. Hi Hope, Carnt wait to see what you got in your lastest, package from Marion, you must be like a kid in a candy store, or should I say scrapbooking warehouse???/hehehehe
    Ps, Mand 10 others lost our job's yesterday, so will be hanging onto our penny's, but the bright side is I'll have time to scrap.

  7. Beautiful album......Thanks for sharing.