Sunday, August 30, 2009

GGS September Kit

Tonight I got home to find my mailbox full of goodies! A Peachy Cheep order and my September Girls Gone Scrappy Kit. Enjoy the video.


  1. Just watched it on You Tube and came here again for another view! I've said it before and will again... you have a soft, soothing voice and have such a nice way of presenting your videos.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ta Ta 4 now! Joyce

  2. Hi Hope, Neat selection of 6x6 papers in the pad form, the 1st one Euphoria, is cool, I did 2 mini's with that whole pad, with 9 pages each, as I think there is like 2x of each paper colour in the pack, Love your choice. Neat getting stuff in the mail when you get home from work!!!, it sort of makes your day, Iknow how you feel. Wha whooooo, look forward to your creations. Have a great week :-]